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Martin Stanton, Director of Information & Analytics

Favorite Pillar/Value: Relationships Let's Connect

Martin Stanton fell into hospitality by chance, as his first position at a hotel turned into a lifelong career. After a few days on the job as a front desk clerk, he came to realize a passion for the industry—despite being required to wear a standard-issue brown polyester uniform.

Working his way through Intercontinental Hotels in various positions, he later joined Destination Hotels  in 1998 and became its first chief information officer in 2010. As a self-proclaimed “jack of all trades” he has worked in everything from finance and IT to analytics. Stanton has now spent three decades in the hotel industry and his extensive experience has benefitted and facilitated the growth of CoralTree since he joined in 2018.

For Stanton, his career highlight has been its longevity. He’s been in the hospitality industry since 1985, only taking a brief hiatus when the property he worked for was sold. Stanton soon realized how much he missed the industry and hasn’t left it since. 

Stanton learned the value of teamwork at a young age, playing baseball, tennis, soccer, wrestling and other sports. He finds that the healthy competitive environment he encountered on the field years ago trained him for the leadership and mentoring roles he has assumed throughout his long career in hospitality.

Most of Stanton’s free time had been previously occupied with coaching his son and daughter’s sports teams, but now that they have graduated from college, he and his wife, Jennifer, have more time to travel. The two are looking forward to the future when they’ll be able to travel full-time.

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